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EU begins review of Bavarian Nordic's vaccine for monkeypox

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North Korea on alert for downpour damages amid Covid crisis

North Korea said Tuesday it is making all-out efforts to prevent potential damages caused by heavy rains this week that outside observers worry could aggravate the country’s economic hardships amid its Covid-19 outbreak.

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Indigenous protest leaders agree to talks with Ecuador government

Talks to begin as demonstrations against rising costs of living have paralysed parts of the South American country.

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CRISPR, 10 Years On: Learning to Rewrite the Code of Life

The gene-editing technology has led to innovations in medicine, evolution and agriculture — and raised profound ethical questions about altering human DNA.

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Xi Jinping's presence at Hong Kong anniversary still unclear

China has stuck to its “zero-Covid” strategy of eliminating outbreaks entirely by mass testing the population and locking down buildings, neighborhoods or whole cities for weeks at a time. Hong Kong is seeing infections rise again recently after a flood of cases earlier this year threatened to overwhelm its hospitals.

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