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Ukraine war: Explosions hit airstrip in Russia-annexed Crimea

They were at a military airstrip in the west of the peninsula, Moscow-installed officials say.

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Loud explosions heard near Russian military airbase in Crimea

At least 12 explosions were heard from the direction of a Russian military air base in Crimea. Russian Defense Ministry reports of no casualties.

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How scientists have revived cells from dead pigs

This week, meet the scientists reviving dead cells, explore an asteroid, get awestruck by a massive volcano, marvel at shipwreck treasure, and more.

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Chinese cities in Tibet begin mass Covid testing

Subvariants of the highly transmissible Omicron are challenging China's strategy of swiftly blocking the spread of each nascent cluster. Regions that have seen relatively few cases for more than two years now battling outbreaks, raising the risk of persistent tight restrictions as the economy weakens.

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Ukraine Will Not Negotiate if Russia Holds Referendums, Zelensky Says

American and British officials have said the Kremlin is setting up illegitimate elections in occupied areas of Ukraine that it will present as demonstrating popular desire to join Russia.

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